Monday, January 31, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again - post-Flu

It's been forever since I've come down with the flu-bug - I had forgotten about the "run over by a truck" feeling and how even your aches can have pains of their own! Well, it's all over but the after-cough and I was able to celebrate with a few cuties on set this past Saturday. Lady Bug is a rescue doggie. She's been living with her favorite family for about 8 years now and keeps her retired dad busy (his job is to provide a lap for her to settle on when she's done being an expert mouser in the yard). She is a TINY thing, with a HUGE personality! Meet Lady Bug: And this is Grace, a show puppy Scottish Terrier who is proving to her mom that she is every bit as adorable as her brother. She has left the awkward stage far behind her now! Last, but far from least, is Grace's brother, Tim. These are two of the happiest, tail-waggingist Scottie pups I've met yet. Little Darlings! It won't be long before they are taking the show rings by storm. This week the Santee studio will be open on Wed, Fri and Sat from 10 am - 4 pm for 15 minute mini-sessions. Valentine's is still the featured theme and I'm looking forward to seeing more beautiful cats and dogs on set this week. And my big news of the week - the main website is back online! It's being tweaked and fixed up, but at least it comes up when the URL is entered once again - YIPPEE!

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