Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DogBreedz Week in Review

Rain rain go away! The mobile studio in Santee can't set up in the rain, so this last week I've been busy following up on client inquiries and getting my creative juices flowing with two new card designs for St. Patrick's Day. The greeting cards will be active soon at the DogBreedz Greeting Card Universe shop, with many dog breeds represented. You can even request a card with your own pet (or request a different nationality on the "Kiss Me" series). Why should the Irish get all the lovin' on St. Patrick's Day? Go ahead ... Kiss ME! It seems everyone becomes Irish on St. Patrick's Day ... even our dogs! This week the Santee Studio will be open on Wednesday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Foster animals can sit for free - digital images will be provided to their Rescue to help promote them for adoption. Will you be around Del Mar this weekend? I'll be ringside at the Cocker Spaniel Specialty Show on Friday and the Silver Bay Dog Show on Saturday and Sunday. On the weekend, I'll be hanging with the Terriers - stop by and say hi! And a final note - check out my ChipIn page for a unique way to help out a great group of animal rescues.

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