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There is so much to do in San Diego County on any given weekend - and I suspect that it is due, in part, to the wonderful weather we tend to have. I grew up in Upstate NY in what is known as the Snow Belt. Cold isn't something I enjoy, so it should be no surprise that I relocated out to SoCal! I am very excited to announce that I am now a contributing photographer to Brown Trout Calendars. I'm busy gathering images to submit for their 2013 breed lines and we all have our paws crossed here that some of my clients are chosen for publication. If you haven't yet found your perfect calendar for this year, take a look at some of my privately published offerings from Lulu. My friends at Camp Bow Wow El Cajon scheduled another fundraiser day to benefit Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. This is one of my favorite locations - the animals are always so well-behaved, the camp workers are fun, and the owners are true animal lovers. I love supporting Bow Wow Buddies Foundation - I think it is wonderful that all the Camp Bow Wow locations across the US support their local rescue groups with foster spots. This is Buddy, a darling Basset Hound who sat for me at Camp Bow Wow. My next stop was in Orange County for a very fun day spent at the Papillon Club of Southern California Specialty. I spent some time with my Cocker friends watching the obedience, then turned my attention to the afternoon classes in the main Papillon ring. Such wonderful cuties parading in front of me! This is Adfams Mighty Aphrodite. She is looking at her mom with absolute devotion and intensity while stacking in the ring! The next day I headed a little further north to West Covina, CA for my turn as official photographer for the Scottish Terrier Club of California's Spring Puppy Match. Besides ring candids and winners photos, I also had my portrait booth set up and was able to meet some of these feisty darlings one on one. Congratulations to Morgan's Tam O' Shanter for the Best In Match win! I can't remember the last time I attended a rodeo - and it was time for the famous Lakeside Rodeo, practically in my own backyard. To make it even better, all workers at the event were volunteers and all the money raised was for local charities. The skill of these riders was awe-inspiring! And while the excellent riders were definitely caught on film, sometimes the great shots are of the "oops!" moments. I can't decide if I aspire to be one of the official photographers or if I would be too scared to be IN the ring with all the action! I don't have my photos finished an in a gallery yet, but here are two of my favorites in the meantime. And then back to Orange County for The Hound Classic (photos still being worked ...)! I had a chance to meet a breed that is new to me. In the AKC Miscellaneous Class, meet the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. This cutie is Gabriela Da Casa De Maio. I spent most of my time with the Borzois (Russian Wolfhounds) as I arrived too late to hang with a couple of my favorite breeds (Beagles and Ibizan Hounds). This is Zabava Atlantis. What a graceful breed! Easter is only a few days away - have you sent your Easter Greetings yet? With Greeting Card Universe, it's not too late! Order your cards online, and pay regular postal shipping costs - the fine folks at GCU will drop it in the mail for you! And if you've waited just a little TOO long ... you can change the inside of any card easily yourself. For example, my DogBreedz Easter cards by default read "Somebunny special is thinking of you - Hoppy Easter!" You can order yours, and change the inside to something like: I got distracted hunting for chocolate bunnies - Happy Belated Easter! Here are a few breed samples:
Or you can take a look at some of these cards from other artists - designed especially for the procrastinator!
Upcoming Shoots: Ongoing studio portraits at Su-Et's Kennel in Santee, CA, April 30: Fundraising Portraits at the English Springer Specialty in Walnut, CA. May 1: Ringside Candids and Scheduled Private Shoots at Lake Matthews Kennel Club show in Chino, CA. May 7 & 8: Ringside Candids at Rio Hondo Kennel Club in Pomona, CA. May 21 & 22: Ringside Candids at Mt. Palomar Kennel Club show in Valley Center, CA. All events are listed on my Shoot Schedule. Contact DogBreedz (at) for more information.

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