Monday, January 2, 2012

DogBreedz Photography Resources

If you are a Photographer, Graphic Designer, or are just curious about the special touches that go into creating a treasured photo of your pet at DogBreedz, then you will want to check out the DogBreedz Photography Resources Blog. Over the years many faceless, nameless fellow artists on the 'Net have freely contributed to my art education and also have added to my graphic resources with their own offerings. It's time for me to pay it back ... or pay it forward ... whatever direction, it's time for me to put out my own offerings for another artist to use in their own works. 366 Textures at the DogBreedz Photography Resources Blog is my pet project (pun intended!) offering up one Texture a day for the taking. Fellow Artists: enjoy!
pictured above: a Scottish Terrier client shows how a texture overlay can change a plain black background from stoic formal to eye-catching grunge

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