Friday, March 30, 2012

Project 52-13: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I am a member of a network of professional pet photographers from around the world. We have a challenge project: a blog roll (Project 52) where once a week we take a photo to fit the week's theme, and then link to the next participating photographer. This week's theme is "Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery". I hope you enjoy this blog post with photos and feel like leaving a comment at the end. I love visitors! After you are finished reading, please do take a moment to click the link at the bottom and see what the photographer after me came up with for the theme. In fact, sit back and take five minutes, and keep clicking thru until you come back here - I think you'll enjoy yourself!

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What a great topic for me this week! While there are many pet photographers that I admire, I have been attracted to a style utilized by many photographers lately (not just in pet photography) - so I chose to imitate the style in general, rather than a particular photo. The photos I am talking about have a contemporary feel to them: a bit contrasty in the exposure, with colors that seem to just POP off the screen and scream "look at me! look at me!". Last weekend I photographed the anniversary "pawty" for Camp Bow Wow El Cajon at Woodglen Vista Park in Santee, California and it felt like the time to jump in and give the style a tryout. Here is an example of one of the adoptable Chihuahua's from San Diego Chihuahua Rescue that day to show you my usual final result and how it looks with the new styling borrowed from some other photographers:

I had fun learning some new techniques! While the full-on extreme look is a little more than I like for my own personal style, I love having the new tools in my bag o' tricks and a slightly less "in your face" working of the photos is likely to show up more in my portfolio this year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the photos from this event, also worked with my new "look at me!" imitated style. (click on any blog photo to see it in a larger size)

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Thanks for visiting the Project 52 Blog Roll for Week #13. Now, please do take a moment and click thru to the blog of Nashville Pet Photographer Kelly Coyle of Sweet Silver Photography. If you keep clicking through to the next photographer, you'll end up right back here. Enjoy the photos and give YOUR pets a hug from me. Remember: Every Moment Matters!TM


  1. Photography has come a long way in the last several years! Great capture!