Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monthly Special at Photo Site

You may not realize it, but I have two online storefronts. is where I turn my photos into graphics for all sorts of fun goodies. If I transform one of your dogs, I'll be sure to let you know! My new site is where you look at the proofs of your photo session - but besides additional prints you can also order tshirts, mousepads, notecards and other neat-0 items with your favorite photo. I decided that for the month of April, a few of MY favorite photos from past sessions will be available on Playing Cards for a reduced rate. You can see this "secret" gallery by clicking this post's title. If you are at the photo site, you'll see that I've jazzed it up with some clickable button links - one of those will get you to the secret gallery as well. Not much of a secret now! Imagine your dog looking up at you every time you deal a hand of your favorite card game! Order an extra deck to donate to your favorite dog rescue for their next auction. Pick up a pack for your dedicated groomer or dog-sitter. The playing cards retail regularly at $39.95, but for April, in this private gallery, you can order your deck of cards for only $29.95.

Happy shopping!

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