Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barkin'dales Photos are all online

What pretty dogs! There were so many photos I enjoyed that it was hard to choose my favorites from each sitting for a public gallery, but I succeeded. It's fun to relive the shoot with each photo I edit. Speaking of fun ... while many of the dogs gave us classic poses there were quite a bit of personality shots as well. Take a look to the right and tell me Archie isn't enjoying himself! What a fun goofball. I first met Archie when he was just a couple of months old and in Rescue. He grew up to be quite handsome (and very much the jester in his home).
Camp Bow Wow in El Cajon is the sight of our next fundraiser. San Diego Spaniel Rescue is loaded with Cockers ready for medical care, and the vet bills are coming in. I imagine all the rescues are seeing more of this. In the current economy pet owners just can't afford medical needs the way they used to. SDSR has one dog in particular we are raising funds for. Archie's foster sister is Frankie, a very rare hermaphrodite dog (meaning she has both male and female organs). To make matters worse, she has extra plumbing on top of that and unusual placement. What would normally be a very expensive surgery is estimating out to be an EXTREMELY expensive surgery! Book a sitting at Camp Bow Wow's Wednesday April 22 fundraiser and help Frankie get the care she is looking for.


  1. Man oh man, I have GOT to find a way to get my guys to one of your photo shoots. You do awesome work Peggy!

  2. Thanks, Kelly - I'm not in a position to get to Canada ... YET! LOL! I do always dream big .. and usually achieve what I reach for. Better work on that passport, eh? In the meantime - when will you be showing in the US?