Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vote for your favorite!

Last week I showed you my favorite greeting card that wasn't my own and promised you that there would be more fun with it. Today is the start of that fun (actually, last Thursday was, so I'm behind ... help me make it up and send your friends over here to vote, too, if you would)!

Behind the scenes at Greeting Card Universe it is a fun family-type atmosphere among many of the Card Designers. We share ideas, inspirations, critiques-for-improvement, and we let our followers know about other designers. There are a LOT of talented folks creating greeting cards just for YOU over there! A Blog Mash Up Challenge was issued - those of us who wanted to participate would pick our favorite card (that we didn't design) and then YOU would vote for your favorite. The artist chosen will get a fun little surprise for winning. Without further ado I present to you: Artists' Favorite Cards and the Poll (hint: I chose number 4 - isn't it a fun way to cheer up a dreary day?!)

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7.

8. 9. 10. 11.

12. 13. 14.

There are some creative cards there, aren't there? Have some fun, vote for YOUR favorite, and make an Independent Card Artist smile!

Poll: Vote For Your Favorite Card!

2/9/2012 Results! - congratulations to the designer of Card #11, and the nominator! They each won their choice of a $10 Amazon Gift Card or 5 free card credits from GCU!

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In case you are like me, and find it interesting to know why people do what they do, here is a master list of the blog posts where artists nominated the cards they chose - happy reading!
1. Judith Cheng nominated Studio Porto Sabbia
2. Aqua Lee nominated Lauren Reeser
3. Doreen Erhardt nominated Stephanie Laird
4. Peggy Mundell (me!) nominated Colleen @ Great Scott Designs
5. Cindy Johns nominated Ramelle Richardson
6. Annie Lim nominated Judith Cheng
7. Elizabeth nominated Dreaming Mind Cards
8. Betsy Bush nominated Sharon Fernleaf
9. Robin Chaffin nominated Barbara Schreiber
10. Sharon Fernleaf nominated Betsy Bush
11. Sri Devi nominated Susan Alison
12. Laura J. Holman nominated Betty Matsumoto-Schuch
13. TANITU nominated Betty Matsumoto-Schuch
14. Robert Bulanadi nominated Makiko Kimura
Have a great rest of your weekend and thanks for being a part of the fun!


  1. I voted! It wasn't easy, all the cards are lovely!

    1. They certainly are! One of the things I love about Greeting Card University is the diversity of cards - and that you can REQUEST a new type of card ... and have the designers jumping on it to provide you with choices! Where else can you go and ask for a card saying "Uncle Jeremiah is having his 100th birthday and he really has a love for tractors and purple flamingos" and then have some examples up ready to purchase in 3 days? LOL!

  2. All the cards are awesome. Anyway we need to select one :(

    1. One more day to decide ... or to flip a coin : )- I'm glad you like them ... I do enjoy showing off other artists, and not just my own work.