Thursday, February 2, 2012

Westminster Best In Show Records - interesting!

Whether you are a dog show enthusiast or the average dog person, following the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show judging is probably on your must-do list. Some will be watching every movement on screen, others will have it on in the background while going about other tasks in the home. There are people who will only watch when "their" breed or group is in the ring and then there are those that really only care who the Best In Show winner is. No matter what your MO is regarding the Big Show, you just might find some interesting facts in this link: The Westminster Kennel Club Best In Show Records. This page chronicles the Best In Show stats from 1907 - 2011. Did you know there was no Best In Show awarded in 1923? I didn't (and now I'm wondering "why?"). Take a look at all the various breakdowns in the stats: What breed has taken the most BIS ribbons from this event? Which group has had the best BIS showing over the years at Westminster? There is a chart of the oldest and the youngest canine to take top honors. You can even view the charts of which handlers were there in the ring with the BIS dog.

For those nuts about watching the WKC show on the television - can you just imagine the thrill of actually BEING there live and in person, cheering on your favorite dogs? I am overjoyed that one of the nicest people I have ever met is getting her dream come true this year - check out Kelly's blog post about her upcoming experience.

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And for all you Groundhog Day folks out there who still haven't heard: Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous Groundhog of all, stuck his head out, saw his shadow, and promptly ducked back into his home and slammed the door on the waiting reporters. I've never quite gotten the whole Phil thing. I mean, really, if he sees his shadow wouldn't that mean it's sunny? And warming up? With winter ending sooner rather than later? I can see him being a ninny: getting scared and running off to hide again, but what does being a scardie-cat have to do with reporting on the onset of Spring? Seriously? Come to think of it, did I really just question the seriousness of a large rodent-type animal predicting our weather?!

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