Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shoot News and San Diego Photographers

Take a look at these cuties! Jackson and Atticus are two Pomeranian puppies who joined me at the most recent photo shoot. We met at Su-Et's Kennel in Santee and raised some bucks for Scottish Terrier Rescue of Southern California. These pups have a great life ahead of them - only 4 and 6 months old and they already have such great manners (way to go Pom Parents)! The day brought something new my way. Sylvia is the grand matriarch of the kennel, she makes sure things run smooth and that everyone takes a moment to send some adoration her way. You can't tell from looking at this beauty, but she is going to be TWENTY YEARS OLD in August! Wow! As I was surfing the search engines, checking my web sites' placements, I came across an interesting surprise. There's another Mundell in San Diego - and he is a photographer too! Mike is a dog lover as well, but his photography is usually centered on the humans around us rather than the four-leggers. If you are looking for a wedding or event photographer, you might want to check out his website at While I'm tossing about local photographer names, I have to include Julie Edwards, Alicia McGraw and Jen Petit. I first came across Julie's photos when I started my relationship with Dogs and the City Day Care in downtown San Diego. She also does doggie shoots there and has a great style. Her human shots are just incredible! Take a look for yourself at her website: Alicia is a fun photographer! She is incredibly patient, as she didn't blink when *my* Indie went on a 40 minute run in the middle of a park shoot. She had Bennett, Spencer and Tara to keep her company while I went to corner and collect the Diva. Alicia does some great "retro" work too. Check out her site at My all-time hands-down paws-up favorite pet photographer (other than myself, of course!) in San Diego is Jen Petit at Jen is a wonderful supporter of local animal rescue and takes some awesome luring photos as well at LurePix. I have some great role models and someday hope to see my name on a photographer's list of "faves"!

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