Thursday, May 21, 2009

Agility Photography and a Special Cocker Collectible

In between processing photos from the Su-Et's Kennel Shoot, I popped up to Murrieta for a Temecula Valley Agilty Club Trial and met some great folks! I am thrilled to announce my accepted membership in this club - another place to regularly practice my canine sport photography - YAY! This handsome boy is Charlie the Border Collie. He was being run that day by Lynn Hummel. BC's have such intensity when they are enjoying their runs, and Charlie is no exception! Sometimes the best shots are the ones that are just not quite perfect. This one of MacKenzy shows the Sheltie flying thru the air, already taking a look at what is next on the course. I'm new to the sport, but I would bet that this means her owner/handler Nancy Edwards was doing a great job coordinating the course with MacKenzy! My photograph just didn't get the crispness and sharper edges that I am going for. But it sure does translate to a beautiful piece of artwork. Printed out you can see the crosshatching details and mesmerizing texture! I have a strong art background and I like to think it came out in this next shot. Gigi, a happy little Rat Terrier and her mom, Deborah Davidson Harpur, reached their Agility Championship and were presented their pole and ribbon this day. Agility Judge Jim Hibbard said it was his first time awarding a Championship - so it seemed like an extra special occasion to me! This shot shows Jim signing his first Champ pole. After you check out my Agility Photo Gallery (hint - click on the blog post title!), take an e-stroll over to look at the photos Marty, my new photog friend, took on Sunday as well. Photography by M is his web site. We ended up making a pretty good team, even being with two different photography studios. I'm looking forward to seeing him at more trials! I am a strong supporter of animal rescue and one of my two main Rescues that I support is San Diego Spaniel Rescue (the other is English Springer Rescue America, in case you were wondering!). SDSR has come into possession of the ever elusive Danbury Mint Cocker Spaniel Christmas Tree - out of production for a few years and extremely hard to find. People who were lucky enough to score one usually hold it close! SDSR is offering their's up in an online auction hosted by Life's Little Paws. Check it out!

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