Monday, November 2, 2009

Where's Peggy?

When is this blog going to be updated? What has DogBreedz been doing? Is she still taking pictures? Did you hear, Peggy's been abducted by aliens! And such was the word on the streets throughout San Diego and Orange Counties. Never fear - the camera has been hard at work! It's been an eventful summer, complete with computer issues galore (no, no photos were lost in the melee, thank Goodness!), a trip to the Cocker Spaniel Nationals (where I chaired the National Parade of Rescues), a changing of the guards at San Diego Spaniel Rescue (after 7 years as fearless leader, I've finally been able to realize my original vision and turn the operation over to a very capable Board of Directors) and so much more. My poor blog has languished! What's worse than going to a blog and reading someone thinking out loud "I thought this little table should go by the front door, but decided it was a better fit in the upstairs hall"? I'll tell you - going to visit a blog you are looking forward to reading and finding NO updates since May! I'm guilty of that last category, I must admit. But - back to the business at hand! has been busy with fundraisers all over California. Most recently a trip to Brentwood and Livermore and what a weekend it was! Over $700 raised for Camp Cocker Rescue and SO many good looking dogs striking a pose for the camera! To see all the dogs from the Camp Bow Wow Livermore shoot, click HERE. To see all the dogs from the Grooming Lounge and More shoot, click HERE. ABOVE: Geisha the chocolate Labrador Retriever - at Camp Bow Wow Livermore on October 9, 2009 BELOW: Henry the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and his human sister Hailey at The Grooming Lounge and More in Brentwood on October 10, 2009
Don of Scoundrel Photographics has been busy gathering new equipment for us to use at the shoots - he has a brand new Christmas backdrop coming in today that will be featured at two fundraising shoots later this month (Huntington Beach, benefiting Second Chance Cocker Rescue; and Su-Et's Kennel in Santee, benefiting the Scottish Terrier Club of America's Health Trust) as well as at FOUR days of fundraising at the PetSmart on 17th Street in Santa Ana in December (to benefit English Springer Rescue America). Wow! Speaking of ESRA, I just finished shooting for their annual Holiday card, my first year doing it as Don (Scoundrel Photographics) wasn't able to fit it into his shoot schedule this year. Thanks for the referral, Don! They liked it so much that they asked me to work up ANOTHER card for them, for their online storefront. They should be up soon at their website How could I ever say no to ESRA? They are my dear friends and Rescue mentors! As long as we are talking about Holiday cards - I have created a gorgeous one for Thanksgiving, featuring one of the top ASCOB Cockers in the US. Check it out at my DogBreedz Card Shop. INSIDE TEXT: May your day be filled with joy, grace and love. Happy Thanksgiving! The Holidays are almost here! From my main website you can access a new link called: Holiday Goodies. Order gift tags with one of your images from a DogBreedz photo shoot! Scroll down a little more and you can access a full online catalog of Christmas and Hanukkah cards that you have your photo added to for a one-of-a-kind printed Holiday greeting this year. Off to update the upcoming shoots - and remember, custom photo items make great Holiday gifts!

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