Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Huntington Beach Photo Shoot - a barking success!

What a great weekend this was! Organized by Tricia Pratto and benefitting Second Chance Cocker Rescue, DogBreedz was invited to help raise money money for the organization that Tricia's Crosby was adopted through. 43 good-looking dogs paraded in front of my lens, striking poses on the Holiday backdrop and gathering oohs and aahs from their parents and admirers. Lilly, a tri-colored American Cocker Spaniel, is Tricia's other fur-kid Paco was the first to model our newest Holiday prop - the wicker Santa Sleigh. We had enough of the smaller dogs that we made good use of this one! Paco Opalewski, Chihuahua I'd better hustle back to my online darkroom and continue with my photo processing - seven galleries are done so I have 36 patient doggie-parents waiting for their images to be posted! You can see all the photos as they are ready in their online galleries at http://dogbreedz.smugmug.com/Charity-Fundraiser-Shoots/Huntington-Beach-Shoot. Oh! Before I forget, my greeting card service is offering a sale through tomorrow (11/25). Order 10 or more cards (mix and match, even) and pay only $2.29 per card. Details on my card site: http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/dogbreedz. Happy Thanksgiving, Fellow Animal Lovers!

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