Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 International Summer Photo Tour - Weekend 1

The 2010 Summer Tour has BEGUN! (pictured above: Indie Mundell testing out the 2010 Tour Set) 23 Fundraisers - 11 Rescue Groups - 3 Months - 2 Countries - 1 Photographer and her two pups ... add them all together, shake well, and you have the Summer Photo Tour from The Tour has begun with our first two stops this past weekend. Saturday was in Carpenteria, California for the 2nd Annual Second Chance Cocker Rescue Reunion Picnic. Sunday found us set up at The Pet House in Goleta, California for a day-long shoot, also for SCCR. (pictured above: Hope Carvalho at Toro Canyon Park shoot) Saturday was beautiful! Toro Canyon Park was a wonderful setting for this early afternoon BBQ picnic. Second Chance had very tempting raffle items available as well as beautiful hand-crafted doggie blankets for sale. The food was beyond yummy and the dogs beyond gorgeous (but we all know that I'm partial to those Cocker kids, anyway). Indie and Bennett were perfect photographer's dogs - being patient in their private suites and greeting all the humans who came by. Sometimes I think they are more well-known than I am! (pictured above: Jax Van Orsdel at The Pet House shoot) Sunday - another gorgeous day (is there any other type in the Santa Barbara area?!) ... and Indie, Bennett and I headed out to The Pet House located in Goleta. The staff was friendly and the products were fun to browse, but I was there to work so I cut my shopping short. A nice variety of doggies paraded through, along with some Cocker Friends. Second Chance Cats was set up in the next area of the store for an adoption event, so I had a chance to play with some great cats and kittens on set too. Indie provided extra incentive for pups to perk their ears for me, as she was VERY hopeful for a chance to play with lovebirds and parrotlets that were on display in the store - and let us hear her enthusiasm when she thought it might prove worthwhile. paw bump(pictured above: Foster Kitten) Weekend 1 of the Summer Photo Tour is over, leaving great photos, wonderful memories, and two tired pups. Our next stop is Sunday June 13 at Dee O Gee's Grooming in San Pedro, CA. There are still sittings available - contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ and schedule YOUR pet for a photo session, benefiting Take Me Home Boxer rescue. See you in San Pedro! NOTE: The Summer Photo Fundraising Tour is a 3-month coast-to-coast International Tour to raise money for animal rescue organizations across the country. My biggest expenses on the Tour are hotel and gasoline costs ... if you or you business would like to help sponsor the Tour, contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ - sponsor one hotel stay or donate a gas card to help with expenses! Stops and sponsorships are also being accepted now for the 2011 Tour - let me know if you are interested!


  1. Great start to your tour (so looking forward to meeting you here in Ohio). Btw that kitteh pic is a perfect image of a 'paw bump' - would be a perfect submission to

  2. Thx Brian fur the suggestion, and thx Peggy fur enterin' my blog challenge! That little guy is gonna have some *paw bump* when he grows up!

    The Brew