Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cocker Spaniels are such Charmers!

The story went out on the Cocker Forum at Zim's. My friend Terri at American Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Washington State received a phone call from a SoCal shelter - a sweet Cocker that she had adopted out a couple of years ago was in their care, dropped off in the night box! We may never know how little Candy went from a loving home to the shelter, but one thing was certain - Candy was definitely going back to her Rescue group. Terri moved heaven and earth to find a way to get her home. In the meantime, a wonderful Cocker owner in Alaska had fallen for a 12 year old senior from Florida that was looking for a new home. I had volunteered to get Aussie to her in Alaska. Since I was going from San Diego to Seattle as a stop over, this adopter offered to pay for Candy's health certificate and flight with me! Problem solved! A dear friend from English Springer Rescue America lived in the same town as Candy's shelter, so she handled all the paperwork and the shelter went over and above to help us out. My flight landed in Seattle and Candy was home - after charming EVERYONE she met at Alaska Airlines! Last I heard she is convincing her Foster Daddy to make it official and become her FurEver Dad. Way to go, Candy! Back to Aussie - she was doing some charming of her own - between computers being down in Orlando at checkin and someone in Florida falling in love with her, I receieved a phone call letting me know that Aussie would not be joining me in Seattle. Cocker Spaniels are such Charmers! Yes, my laptop traveled with me, so I could continue editing photos from the recent shoots. Here is Lucy, a darling Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle Mix) who sat for me at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. Also working on the Rescue Parade photos and the Camp Bow Wow pix. Gotta get back to the editing - have a great week!

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  1. My Goodness Peggy - I seriously thought this was a stuffed animal. How cute.