Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30/12 - the weekend ahead with

Friday! The weekend is almost here!

For most people that sounds like one more day until freedom from work - but for the dog show photographer and conformation, obedience, luring and agility people it means gearing up for another weekend of serious dog business. I have a rare weekend off, which leaves me chomping at the bit just a little. Now that I have the energy to trot off to a show, my slate is empty! However ... I have some Holiday photos to edit, a work Holiday Party on Saturday and Sunday is my birthday. So this is actually a good weekend to stay close to home, working images on the computer and playing with the Cocker Spaniels. You know THEY like the "stay close to home" part of that equation!

Today I have a personal ordering session set up for Huggy Bear's mom. Bear has visited my set numerous times over the last two years and is a favorite with my assistants. Even on his grumpy days (hey, we all have them!) he is photogenic. Pictured here, his Charger Spirit shines through during the 2010 Holiday Season. His last visit with me was on a recent Holiday shoot at Camp Bow Wow El Cajon. He told me his mom is thinking about sharing his photos with friends and family. What a great way to celebrate your furkid and keep a smile on others' faces! I know I'll enjoy my morning coffee with Bear's mom.

This is my last "weekend off" (even tho I am editing) for a while. My volunteering for ESRA (Springer Rescue) as photographer's assistant and head dog wrangler will keep me busy over the next couple of weekends. Then work at the Spa and a final "last chance" Holiday shoot in Santee (weather permitting) will wrap up December, as far as business goes.

What do YOU have planned for yourself this weekend?

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