Monday, December 3, 2012

RIP Dear Pepe

Pepe has been reigning King of the Kennel, expertly taking over the repected title when Sylvia passed 2 years ago (she made it to 21!). At age 19, Pepe fought his physical challenges bravely. Regular blood panels to monitor his thyroid issues were our first clue that something was amiss; he sure wasn't acting sick! After the blood numbers indicated something going on, a followup chest xray showed the severity of his condition. The vet was surprised that Pepe was still alive! However, with the amount of damage already done, the decline would be quick - within one or two days the vet thought. The decision was made by Pepe's mom to let him go while he still had great memories of health and happiness.

Pepe on the photo set in December 2010

Spunky Ivan is now the head of the kennel - will he grow up enough to become the King?

Ivan playing Camouflage Kitty, February 2012

Soon we'll be on the lookout for a sweet black/white tuxedo long haired female kitten to bring home to help Ivan run the greeting room in the kennel. But for today, we stay home and fondly remember handsome Pepe, running free at the Rainbow Bridge.

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