Monday, December 10, 2012

The Cocker Spaniel Lap Blanket Found a Home!

Last week I posted about a hand made/dog approved lap blanket that I designed and knit. It was donated for auction to help raise money for the ASC National Obedience and Rally trials in Reno next year. The Cockers "helped" me in the creation process - they chased yarn balls and slept in my lap, and sometimes they just shot me intense, guilt-inducing looks proving how neglected they were while I worked (nine times out of ten I put down the knitting and we went outside to play ... they know how to get what they want out of me)!

Today I am happy to say that a fellow on-line Cocker Spaniel friend, Ginny, is the proud owner of the blanket! With a winning bid of $58.00 she now has the blanket to keep her warm when her own two Cocker Spaniels (Vivi and Sky) aren't being lap warmers themselves.

Congratulations, Ginny! And *thank you* for supporting the American Spaniel Club's 2013 National show!

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