Friday, December 28, 2012

Springer Spaniel Lap Blanket - one of a kind, on eBay

*** CLICK HERE to go to the live auction *** Only 7 hours (and assorted minutes) left at this writing! The one-of-a-kind English Springer Spaniel Lap Blanket/Afghan is in the final hours of an eBay auction and one lucky person will be the final winner. Although in reality, the Springers helped by English Springer Rescue America, Inc (ESRA) are REALLY the final winners - as all money raised from this auction is being donated to that Rescue group. ESRA was a mentor to me when I started San Diego Spaniel Rescue in September of 2002. I am currently not in a position to donate money for the cause, but I am able to design and craft a beautiful afghan to raise money.

Straight from the Canyonview Studios: Handmade - Dog Approved! Sized at approx 37" x 44" this hand-knit acrylic blanket will keep your lap warm when there isn't a Springer to do the job. Featuring a running black/white Springer Spaniel and celebrating English Springer Rescue America (ESRA) for 2012. This is a one-of-a-kind creation (intended to be the start of an annual tradition by the creator).

Designed in warm earth tones: set in a deep chocolate border the Springer is surrounded in a cream color with rich tan and frosty green accents.

Machine wash, gentle cycle, warm water. Can be tumble dried on low, but for best results, lay flat to dry.

Proceeds from the sale of this blanket benefit English Springer Spaniel Rescue America, Inc.

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