Thursday, January 3, 2013

January is Train Your Dog Month!

Something Wagging Train Your Dog Month Challenge
Did you know? January is Train Your Dog Month! Really, who knew?Brought to us by the fine folks at The Association of Pet Dog Trainers, this is the month of resolutions - so why not make one of those be something to do with your dog. Instead of a full year to meet this resolution goal, you have 31 days (well, for me it's now down to 28 days, but it can be done).

My cute blog buddy Kolchak is getting taught by his humans how to sleep in, instead of doing his usual full-throttle digging them out of bed at an ungodly hour (especially irritating on a weekend). That's how I firsst heard about Train Your Dog Month. And it got me thinking ...

Indie and Bennett both achieved their CGC titles and are now officially ThD (in training) puppers. Credit goes to my friend PeggyF for getting me off my rear and making this a reality. Having a training buddy really made a difference, not only for me but for the furkids, too. I have two tricks that I keep putting off, but would love for them to know: Wave and Take a Bow. Both would be a hit on our visits, I am sure of it! So here is my official "gonna give it a try" promise: I'm gonna give it a try! We'll see what the Cockers think about the goal (I haven't told them, yet).

And I can't talk about a training goal without mentioning Royal and Spice - they are our inspiration - take a look:

Linda has over 100 videos of tricks she has taught the dynamic duo - worth a look if you want to be inspired yourself!

Tell me: are you going to take part in Train Your Dog Month? What trick/habit are YOUR dogs going to work on?

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  1. Max has to take part! It's too cold here to do outdoor stuff much so we're learning as much as possible. Right now he's learning he has a hind end and how to move it purposefully! "Back up" is the new trick to master this week and he's making good progress.