Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday 1/7/2013 Sneak Peeks - Dog Agility and Custom Pet Valentine's from

The FIRST Monday Sneak Peek for 2013!

It's time to dive right into 2013 ... and by diving I mean: jumping, climbing, weaving, and all around agility FUN! I spent Saturday and Sunday on the grounds of Performance Dog Training's CPE agility trial combining two of my photographic loves - sports and dogs. The skies weren't as wonderfully overcast on Saturday as I had anticipated after listening to the weatherman and with the shadows cast from the trees it meant carefully planning my shots for each run. Sunday the rains held off until after I lost my light in the afternoon (yay!) and I found my brain and fingers challenged as the clouds streamed in front of the sun. In one second a jump in front of my lens changed exposure settings no less than 19 times (yep, I'm actually nerdy enough that I timed it)! Since I was shooting in manual mode, that meant a lot of dial sliding and setting changes for each dog. Good thing I like challenges! Here are 5 of my favorites to tide you over until all the images are culled through and posted to my agility gallery. Top Photo: Rory the Golden Retriever bursts out of a tunnel obstacle in Jumpers. Owned/Handled by Healther McAllister. Above photo: Zelda the Italian Greyhound flies through the air with the greatest of ease, taking the jump without thinking twice in Snooker. Owned/Handled by Debby Wheeler. Below: Gunner the German Shepherd Dog manuvers the weaves like a pro contortionist in Jackpot! Owned/Handled by Amy Lavoie.

Timing is everything in photography. I don't have a camera that takes a ga-zillion shots per second, so for me getting "the shot" comes down to timing, knowing the sport, understanding how different dogs move (breed and size does make a difference) and as in all types of photography: plain ol' dumb luck! Those graceful, classic shots like the ones above come with the sports experience I bring to the lens as well as my years of learning dogs. But some of my favorite shots include the "dumb luck" factor: those outtakes that capture a fleeting expression or the ones that just cry out for the perfect caption. Take a look below:

Cosmo the Miniature Schnauzer pushes with all his might to get that (Standards) teeter to go down! Owned/Handled by David & Janice Young

Brisbane the Miniature Australian Shepherd shoots a comical look while coming over the A-Frame in Jackpot. Owned/Handled by Carolyn (CJ) Fithian.

Before heading out to the trial, I spent the week tweaking a series of past Valentine's designs, updating them for 2013. Introducing the 3.5" x 5" mini valentine - perfect for handing out to your vet, dog walker, doggie day care, groomer, favorite dog aunt - the list goes on! Starting at 25 minis for $22.50 - envelope included, mix-n-match (with single photo image) allowed. Keep an eye here on the blog - the link will be live shortly for viewing in full size and for ordering.

That's it for this past week's sneak peeks - enjoy the photos and let me know what happened over your weekend. Hug a dog for me!

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