Friday, January 4, 2013

The weekend ahead: 2013 begins!

Trigger the Australian Shepherd happily takes a 20

I am very excited about my January lineup of photo sessions: 3 weekends of agility, a Valentine's Fundraiser studio portrait session at Camp Bow Wow El Cajon and finishing with a dog show on one of the most beautiful sites for ringside candids. Tonight I get my gear bag ready and tomorrow I head out to Performance Dog Sports' CPE agility trial. This morning's Weather Bug app on my iPhone tells me that it will be delightfully overcast (great photo weather!) and that the real rain should hold off until the trial ends on Sunday. That's enough to keep me from frowning over the lower temperatures that will surely be hit in the early am and later pm (hey, I grew up in the Snow Belt - I've had enough of the *real* cold and have earned the right to grouse about 50F temperatures - grin).

And I'm taking the 500 lens with me! I'll be able to get in good and tight for some great expressive action shots - I just can't wait! I should have some great sneak peeks for you on Monday. Have a great weekend and when you have a chance, leave me a comment and let me know what you are up to (with or without your pets) ...

photo: Australian Shepherd TRIGGER taking a jump in Standard Elite 20". Owned by Krystal Emery. May 20, 2012. La Jolla All-Breed ASCA Trial hosted by Performance Dog Sports. San Diego, CA.


  1. Hey Peggy!! I love your blog! I just posted this at Facebook and will Tweet it too!

    Wow, someday I'd love to have a 500 zoom lens! Sounds like you've got some great shoots lined up, how super!

    Happiest and Blessed new year to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


    1. Awww! Thanks, Cherie!

      Now don't get *too* excited for me .. the 500 is borrowed from a dear friend. It's hard to get my hands on it, but he is very generous when he doesn't have plans of his own for it : )-

      Enjoy your 2013 - may it be your BEST year yet, Cherie! (and I follow your blog, regularly, and share it with my readers in my lower right side-bar.) Thanks for the note!!