Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Sale for this week - Photo Business Card Holders - save $11.00!

The Tour was great - in spite of a broken foot and a major computer crash ... photos are still being edited and then I'll be booking locations for next year's fundraising photo tour. I have a very special sale this week for my pet friends - custom Business Card Holders in two styles - choose your favorite photo and have it stand alone or add a text embellishment: your pet's name, your kennel name, or your family name are all great suggestions! Our silver-plated business card holder measures 3 1/2" x 2 3/8" and its slim design is sized to fit comfortably in a pocket, grooming apron or purse. It is ideal for a thank you gift, holidays and more. Made from durable aluminum, it can hold up to 12 business cards. The photo is printed out on a high quality photo paper and coated with a waterproof enamel that is crystal clear and lasting. Regular Price: $24.99 plus $6.00 shipping to any country. SPECIAL PRICE: until Sunday September 19th you can order yours for only $19.99 and no shipping charge - that's $11.00 saved! To order, email DogBreedz @ and be sure to put BUSINESS CARD HOLDER in the subject line. I'll contact you to find out your preferred photo and style. Approximately 7 - 14 days for delivery.

Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 International Summer Photo Tour - Weekend 4

Oklahoma is OK! (pictured above: Indie and Bennett, American Cocker Spaniels and official Tour Mascots, let their hair down and dirty before their next bath) Weekend #4 of the Summer Photo Tour happened in Oklahoma - three full days of shooting, benefiting Okie Dokie Cocker Rescue. This was a very special stop for me. The director of this Rescue used to run Temecula Valley Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Southern California. By the time I began San Diego Spaniel Rescue in 2002, TVCSR had closed it doors when Anita Powers moved to OK, but her stellar reputation lived on. After 8 years of being e-friends, we finally met in person! It was like meeting up with an old friend - what a wonderful way to start the weekend! First order of business, tho, was to let Indie and Bennett drop their official duties and "just be dogs". Running in the local dog park was even better with the addition of swimming in the lake - so much fun for them! (pictured above: Charley Walker, the Pittie, throws a huge Holiday Hello your way) We had dogs galore and a kittie, too. A1 Pet Emporium hosted and developed a grand Rescue Event around our arrival. Saturday had 20 Rescue groups showing in the parking lot, with food vendors and "dunk the DJ" from a local radio station. We sure were glad to be inside in the AC however. And spending our time taking pictures - what could be better than that? A1 knows how to throw a party, that's for sure! (pictured above: Maggie Dickerson, the American Cocker Spaniel - it's so EASY to be a diva with I was fortunate enough to meet some more online friends. There's a great Cocker Spaniel community called Zim Family Cockers, with a very active online Forum. Two more e-friends, now are additions to my real-life Cocker Spaniel family! It's hard to remember the days before the Web, Forums, Facebook ... remember dialing a telephone and winding your watch?! (pictured above: Bailey Madoux the Miniature Schnauzer puppy, celebrating his first ever Fourth of July) With all the techno-things in our lives, it's easy to start depending on them. This blog post is a week late due to my not updating my virus protection in a timely manner. The bugs are gone from my 'puter and ESET is back in place, doing it's thing (and doing it quite well, I might add). I can concentrate on the dogs once again! Oklahoma was a wonderful stop on The Tour and I am looking forward to working the images and to coming back again next year. On to Weekend #5 - Memphis, Tennessee! (pictured above: Indie the Tour Mascot gives OK a full-nubbie salute) NOTE: The Summer Photo Fundraising Tour is a 3-month coast-to-coast International Tour to raise money for animal rescue organizations across the country. My biggest expenses on the Tour are hotel and gasoline costs ... if you or you business would like to help sponsor the Tour, contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ - sponsor one or more hotel stays or donate a gas card to help with expenses - your support would help multiple Rescues! Stops and sponsorships are also being accepted now for the 2011 Tour - let me know if you are interested.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 International Summer Photo Tour - Weekend 3

DogBreedz hits the road! (pictured above: Lilly Ehrhardt the Yorkshire Terrier goes high for a better view of the fireworks) Weekend #3 of the Summer Photo Tour flew by in a whirlwind of activity. This stop benefited Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas and was hosted at the Sugar Land store of Natural Pawz. The Fourth of July/Americana set was a huge hit while the plain backdrops came in handy for folks who are planning ahead for ... Christmas Cards! (pictured above: Chad Trahan the Great Dane puppy, ready for his close-up) This two-day shoot was packed to the max with dogs of all breeds and sizes. Singles, pairs and foursomes, they paraded in and did their best "good dog!" poses. The Rescue volunteers came out in force to play with the dogs (and owners) and to help keep things running like clockwork. No cats or other critters this weekend, but the canine variety was awesome! (pictured above: Cabo Meeks welcomes me to The Yard) We had openings for private shoots while I was in the Houston area, and I also made a stop in Austin for a private sitting on my way out here. These shoots are fun and relaxed, allowing me to capture the dogs in their own homes, where they are most comfortable. A handful of props and some portable backdrops come along for the animals that are ready for something a little more formal. (pictured above: Sweetie Stanley strikes a demure pose in a private sitting) Basic private shoots are an hour to two hours, with my mobile lighting. On location at the pets' homes or out and about, I end up being everyone's favorite "Aunt Peggy" when I show up with my special treat bag. Although, sometimes the ducks at the pond are a bit more interesting than I am! (pictured above: Lucky Joliloeve keeps one eye on the ducks - no funny business, Quackers!) Weekend 3 of the Summer Photo Tour is now a happy memory. I'm busy at the computer editing some fun photos (Santa Barbara - almost finished!) and getting ready to head north. Our next stop is a three-day shoot at A-1 Pet Emporium in Oklahoma City, OK, benefiting Okie Dokie Cocker Rescue. Private shoots will be available on Thursday June 24 and Monday June 28. Catch you in Oklahoma! (pictured above: McDuff Collins snuggles with some special friends at home) NOTE: The Summer Photo Fundraising Tour is a 3-month coast-to-coast International Tour to raise money for animal rescue organizations across the country. My biggest expenses on the Tour are hotel and gasoline costs ... if you or you business would like to help sponsor the Tour, contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ - sponsor one or more hotel stays or donate a gas card to help with expenses - your support would help multiple Rescues! Stops and sponsorships are also being accepted now for the 2011 Tour - let me know if you are interested.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 International Summer Photo Tour - Weekend 2

DogBreedz' final SoCal shoot for the Tour! (pictured above: Chevy Fasani showing his American support) Weekend #2 of the Summer Photo Tour was a relaxing, entertaining day in San Pedro, CA. This stop, at Dee O'Gee's Grooming on South Weymouth, raised funds for Take Me Home, an LA-based Boxer Rescue. We had a variety of sets and some fun new props to test out before hitting the road to continue touring. (pictured above: Frankie Reynolds - you're never too old to love the Summer holiday) Some of our doggies and their pet parents came down from Santa Barbara for this shoot: they wanted to capture some great portraits of their fur-kids while I was still shooting in Southern California. Everyone stayed for lunch and we had a wonderful day socializing while raising money for another deserving animal organization. It is always heart-warming when on-line friends from out of the area make the trip for one of my photo sessions. (pictured above: Gracie Reynolds - she's addicted! At only 12 weeks old, this was already her 5th photo shoot!) Weekend 2 of the Summer Photo Tour is over now - it was a great way to wish Indie, Bennett and I "Bon Voyage" as we turn the truck east. Our next stop is Saturday June 19 and Sunday June 20 at Natural Pawz in Sugar Land (Houston) Texas, with an opportunity for some private shoots in Austin Texas on June 17 & 18. The Sugar Land shoots are in support of Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas. See you in Texas! NOTE: The Summer Photo Fundraising Tour is a 3-month coast-to-coast International Tour to raise money for animal rescue organizations across the country. My biggest expenses on the Tour are hotel and gasoline costs ... if you or you business would like to help sponsor the Tour, contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ - sponsor one hotel stay or donate a gas card to help with expenses! Stops and sponsorships are also being accepted now for the 2011 Tour - let me know if you are interested!

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 International Summer Photo Tour - Weekend 1

The 2010 Summer Tour has BEGUN! (pictured above: Indie Mundell testing out the 2010 Tour Set) 23 Fundraisers - 11 Rescue Groups - 3 Months - 2 Countries - 1 Photographer and her two pups ... add them all together, shake well, and you have the Summer Photo Tour from The Tour has begun with our first two stops this past weekend. Saturday was in Carpenteria, California for the 2nd Annual Second Chance Cocker Rescue Reunion Picnic. Sunday found us set up at The Pet House in Goleta, California for a day-long shoot, also for SCCR. (pictured above: Hope Carvalho at Toro Canyon Park shoot) Saturday was beautiful! Toro Canyon Park was a wonderful setting for this early afternoon BBQ picnic. Second Chance had very tempting raffle items available as well as beautiful hand-crafted doggie blankets for sale. The food was beyond yummy and the dogs beyond gorgeous (but we all know that I'm partial to those Cocker kids, anyway). Indie and Bennett were perfect photographer's dogs - being patient in their private suites and greeting all the humans who came by. Sometimes I think they are more well-known than I am! (pictured above: Jax Van Orsdel at The Pet House shoot) Sunday - another gorgeous day (is there any other type in the Santa Barbara area?!) ... and Indie, Bennett and I headed out to The Pet House located in Goleta. The staff was friendly and the products were fun to browse, but I was there to work so I cut my shopping short. A nice variety of doggies paraded through, along with some Cocker Friends. Second Chance Cats was set up in the next area of the store for an adoption event, so I had a chance to play with some great cats and kittens on set too. Indie provided extra incentive for pups to perk their ears for me, as she was VERY hopeful for a chance to play with lovebirds and parrotlets that were on display in the store - and let us hear her enthusiasm when she thought it might prove worthwhile. paw bump(pictured above: Foster Kitten) Weekend 1 of the Summer Photo Tour is over, leaving great photos, wonderful memories, and two tired pups. Our next stop is Sunday June 13 at Dee O Gee's Grooming in San Pedro, CA. There are still sittings available - contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ and schedule YOUR pet for a photo session, benefiting Take Me Home Boxer rescue. See you in San Pedro! NOTE: The Summer Photo Fundraising Tour is a 3-month coast-to-coast International Tour to raise money for animal rescue organizations across the country. My biggest expenses on the Tour are hotel and gasoline costs ... if you or you business would like to help sponsor the Tour, contact the photographer at dogbreedz @ - sponsor one hotel stay or donate a gas card to help with expenses! Stops and sponsorships are also being accepted now for the 2011 Tour - let me know if you are interested!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cocker Spaniels are such Charmers!

The story went out on the Cocker Forum at Zim's. My friend Terri at American Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Washington State received a phone call from a SoCal shelter - a sweet Cocker that she had adopted out a couple of years ago was in their care, dropped off in the night box! We may never know how little Candy went from a loving home to the shelter, but one thing was certain - Candy was definitely going back to her Rescue group. Terri moved heaven and earth to find a way to get her home. In the meantime, a wonderful Cocker owner in Alaska had fallen for a 12 year old senior from Florida that was looking for a new home. I had volunteered to get Aussie to her in Alaska. Since I was going from San Diego to Seattle as a stop over, this adopter offered to pay for Candy's health certificate and flight with me! Problem solved! A dear friend from English Springer Rescue America lived in the same town as Candy's shelter, so she handled all the paperwork and the shelter went over and above to help us out. My flight landed in Seattle and Candy was home - after charming EVERYONE she met at Alaska Airlines! Last I heard she is convincing her Foster Daddy to make it official and become her FurEver Dad. Way to go, Candy! Back to Aussie - she was doing some charming of her own - between computers being down in Orlando at checkin and someone in Florida falling in love with her, I receieved a phone call letting me know that Aussie would not be joining me in Seattle. Cocker Spaniels are such Charmers! Yes, my laptop traveled with me, so I could continue editing photos from the recent shoots. Here is Lucy, a darling Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle Mix) who sat for me at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. Also working on the Rescue Parade photos and the Camp Bow Wow pix. Gotta get back to the editing - have a great week!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

What a fun month April was! If this is any head's up on what the Tour schedule is going to be like, I'll be hopping all summer long! So what HAVE I been up to? Take a look ... April started off with a private shoot, won at an English Springer Rescue America fundraising auction last December. Springer Grace and English Cocker Annie (my God-furDaughter!) were wonderful subjects for the day. Here is Grace in a pensive moment: Next I went down to Chula Vista where Doggie Days in Paradise hosted a shoot to benefit Greyhounds2Go. This day care has such nice clients and the staff is tops! One of my favorites from the day, here is Scuffy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel loving on her momma: Then it was time to pack up the car and head thru the Eastern Sierras, destination: Reno, Nevada. This was my first multi-group adoption event - the Karen DeSouza Memorial Super Pet Adoption Event and Festival. It was a great day with wonderful ESRA friends and animals galore! At this venue I hosted free photo shoots. Between my time in the booth I roamed the event and took candids. Photos are still uploading (it was quite a day!), but here is one of my favorites - a 5 month Boxer pup looking for his new forever home that weekend: Back in Southern California, next up was a visit to Yorba Regional Animal Hospital in Anaheim Hills. What a facility - wow! My assistant for the day set up this shoot, and the beneficiaries were Boston Buddies and Angels Under Our Wings - two groups that I have a fondness for. We were busy from start to finish with just enough time to take in a quick lunch. This is Sadie, a Cocker Spaniel girl who was adopted from Angels Under Our Wings. She loves to pose for my camera (I've lost count of how many sittings we've had since she picked her new family!): You'd think I'd be ready to hang up the camera bag by this point - but nope ... I was due in El Cajon with one of my regular haunts with my friends at Camp Bow Wow. We (Indie, Bennett and I) enjoy going there! Meet this character - Eddie the Bichon/Shih Tzu mix: May kicked off with a booth in Walnut, CA at the Gateway Cities ESS Club annual Specialty. This was an ESRA fundraiser and a free shoot for the rescue dogs participating in the ESRA Parade of Rescue. Meet Coco, a gal who is thrilled to be in a home with a family who loves her as much as she loves them: Tomorrow has me off to Seattle and Anchorage to deliver Cocker Spaniels to their new homes. Back to San Diego to love on my own fur-kids and then east to MN for a great Cocker Spaniel event: the 2010 Upper MidWest Puppalooza!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Guestbook Feature

Just in time for my International Tour - friends can sign the interactive Guestbook. Add a photo of your favorite pet, too!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big News!

As many of you know, in June 2009 I stepped down as President of the Rescue I founded: San Diego Spaniel Rescue. It was my dream in 2002 to create a strong 501c3 organization, with a governing Board of Directors that would carry on long after I was gone. Most of the SoCal Rescues are individually run, with no Board - when Anita's husband retired and they moved to OK from SoCal, Temecula Valley Cocker Rescue closed it's doors (but OK's gain is Okie Dokie Cocker Rescue!). A couple of other SoCal Rescues have to take regular breaks, to keep from being overwhelmed, or burnt out. A Rescue with a full group of dedicated volunteers and a guiding Board of Directors would avoid these issues. Last summer, with my being burnt out, with physical issues as well, I wasn't being the strong leader that I had been in the past. It was beyond time to finally step aside and let a capable Board take the lead. Those of you that know me, know that once I was beyond my immediate personal challenges, I would be back in the world of Rescue once again. My massage practice is going well, my pet photography business is rockin' n rollin' and my health is back on track. Just in time ... Earlier this month my membership into American Spaniel Club was approved! I joined at the invitation of ASC members after they approached me at last summer's National. I am hopeful that I will be able to be a proactive part of National Cocker Rescue through the ASC Foundation - assisting member Rescues around the country as they work on behalf of our chosen breed. I am also committed to organizing and presenting the National Parade of Rescues at each year's National Specialty (this year in Richmond, VA). I'm looking forward to meeting more of my National friends and making new ones. And I am VERY excited to take my Rescue work to a National level!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vistaprint to the Rescue!

I can't tell you how MUCH I love the folks at Vistaprint. I caught a spelling error on a promotional product that I had proofed and gave the a-ok to ... AFTER it had already printed and shipped to me. OH NO!! I called VP Customer Service to reorder, and they comp'd the complete order, including the faster shipping to get my product to me in time for February promotion - Vistaprint ROCKS! Click this link to save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today and they'll thank me with cash back on my next order!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

A friend commented that it seems just last year we were worried about Y2K and the big computer crash that was inevitable. Where on earth did the last TEN years go? More importantly, what can I do to make 2010 better for myself and everyone I come into contact with? I tackle that question on a day-to-day basis, to make it much more managable. I hope the 2009 Holiday Season found you surrounded by furry friends and family. My year started off with a great fundraising photo shoot in Yelm, WA, hosted by Julie Hydro of K-9 Klips. Her stunning Ch. Hannon-Le New World For SoSly (Snow White) was our first photo subject for the day, and set the tone for the hours to come. My assistant proclaimed all the dogs perfect angels, and he had his face "washed" many times over by willing, friendly tongues. Almost $400 was raised to benefit American Cocker Spaniel Rescue of WA. Thank you to everyone who made this happen!
Snow White
I am booking now for January and February fundraiser and private shoots, with a lovely Valentine's theme available. I'll have sample shots up in a week or so. Non-holiday themes are available, as well. Contact me soon to get the time slot that works best for you. My photography gallery at has added a new feature, just for my customers - the ability to custom create your own greeting cards! From your gallery, as you look at the larger view of your chosen thumbnail, click on the BUY button - and choose "create a card". You have the choice of creating 5x7 folded cards (1 for $4.49, 10 for $34.99, 25 for $49.99) or 4x8 flat cards (20 for $39.99, 50 for $74.99, 100 for $99.99). They all come with envelopes, and the multiple quantities come boxed. As always, I can still create custom cards for you, in many different themes, at a lower price point. But for those of you (like me!) want to do things NOW! ... you can. You can experiement with card designs before deciding to add anything to the cart or enter payment information. Come play! Also, be sure to check out my seasonal specials at my Valentine's Goodies page. Mini-Valentines, 5x7 (flat) and 4x8 (flat) VDay greetings on professional-grade photo stock - many to choose from and all adorable! Besides being great for personal use, this is a fun way to raise money for Rescues and Breed Clubs. Here is one of my favorites (the text can be modified, but I loved this for the photo):
pictured: Zhen Zhen the pug, from Su-Et's Kennels
And, just for my Blog Followers, a special coupon! Blogger New Year Cheer Savings - $10.00 off any order over $30.00 - don't forget to check out the new Greeting Card options. Enter coupon code BlogNewYear2010 at check out. Valid until 01/31/2010 (tax/shipping not included). Happy New Year!