Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big News!

As many of you know, in June 2009 I stepped down as President of the Rescue I founded: San Diego Spaniel Rescue. It was my dream in 2002 to create a strong 501c3 organization, with a governing Board of Directors that would carry on long after I was gone. Most of the SoCal Rescues are individually run, with no Board - when Anita's husband retired and they moved to OK from SoCal, Temecula Valley Cocker Rescue closed it's doors (but OK's gain is Okie Dokie Cocker Rescue!). A couple of other SoCal Rescues have to take regular breaks, to keep from being overwhelmed, or burnt out. A Rescue with a full group of dedicated volunteers and a guiding Board of Directors would avoid these issues. Last summer, with my being burnt out, with physical issues as well, I wasn't being the strong leader that I had been in the past. It was beyond time to finally step aside and let a capable Board take the lead. Those of you that know me, know that once I was beyond my immediate personal challenges, I would be back in the world of Rescue once again. My massage practice is going well, my pet photography business is rockin' n rollin' and my health is back on track. Just in time ... Earlier this month my membership into American Spaniel Club was approved! I joined at the invitation of ASC members after they approached me at last summer's National. I am hopeful that I will be able to be a proactive part of National Cocker Rescue through the ASC Foundation - assisting member Rescues around the country as they work on behalf of our chosen breed. I am also committed to organizing and presenting the National Parade of Rescues at each year's National Specialty (this year in Richmond, VA). I'm looking forward to meeting more of my National friends and making new ones. And I am VERY excited to take my Rescue work to a National level!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vistaprint to the Rescue!

I can't tell you how MUCH I love the folks at Vistaprint. I caught a spelling error on a promotional product that I had proofed and gave the a-ok to ... AFTER it had already printed and shipped to me. OH NO!! I called VP Customer Service to reorder, and they comp'd the complete order, including the faster shipping to get my product to me in time for February promotion - Vistaprint ROCKS! Click this link to save up to 80% on custom printed products at Vistaprint. Order today and they'll thank me with cash back on my next order!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

A friend commented that it seems just last year we were worried about Y2K and the big computer crash that was inevitable. Where on earth did the last TEN years go? More importantly, what can I do to make 2010 better for myself and everyone I come into contact with? I tackle that question on a day-to-day basis, to make it much more managable. I hope the 2009 Holiday Season found you surrounded by furry friends and family. My year started off with a great fundraising photo shoot in Yelm, WA, hosted by Julie Hydro of K-9 Klips. Her stunning Ch. Hannon-Le New World For SoSly (Snow White) was our first photo subject for the day, and set the tone for the hours to come. My assistant proclaimed all the dogs perfect angels, and he had his face "washed" many times over by willing, friendly tongues. Almost $400 was raised to benefit American Cocker Spaniel Rescue of WA. Thank you to everyone who made this happen!
Snow White
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pictured: Zhen Zhen the pug, from Su-Et's Kennels
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