Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30/12 - the weekend ahead with

Friday! The weekend is almost here!

For most people that sounds like one more day until freedom from work - but for the dog show photographer and conformation, obedience, luring and agility people it means gearing up for another weekend of serious dog business. I have a rare weekend off, which leaves me chomping at the bit just a little. Now that I have the energy to trot off to a show, my slate is empty! However ... I have some Holiday photos to edit, a work Holiday Party on Saturday and Sunday is my birthday. So this is actually a good weekend to stay close to home, working images on the computer and playing with the Cocker Spaniels. You know THEY like the "stay close to home" part of that equation!

Today I have a personal ordering session set up for Huggy Bear's mom. Bear has visited my set numerous times over the last two years and is a favorite with my assistants. Even on his grumpy days (hey, we all have them!) he is photogenic. Pictured here, his Charger Spirit shines through during the 2010 Holiday Season. His last visit with me was on a recent Holiday shoot at Camp Bow Wow El Cajon. He told me his mom is thinking about sharing his photos with friends and family. What a great way to celebrate your furkid and keep a smile on others' faces! I know I'll enjoy my morning coffee with Bear's mom.

This is my last "weekend off" (even tho I am editing) for a while. My volunteering for ESRA (Springer Rescue) as photographer's assistant and head dog wrangler will keep me busy over the next couple of weekends. Then work at the Spa and a final "last chance" Holiday shoot in Santee (weather permitting) will wrap up December, as far as business goes.

What do YOU have planned for yourself this weekend?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday Giveaway - Pet Photo Holiday Gift Tags

Custom Gift Tags featuring your favorite Breed!

12/6/12: The WINNERS are announced here!

One of my top sellers is highlighted today, and I am giving away a set of Custom Gift Tags to up to 5 lucky blog readers! Read on for the Giveaway details.

This is a darling little add-on to make your gift-giving extra special. For paid orders I can help choose a breed from my photo files (cats, too!) or use one of your own digital photos. There are four tags in every set ready to be cut apart and used as a finishing touch on your gifts this year.

This is my newest design in the Gift Tag series and it has a matching Holiday Card as well. I started coordinating the Tags and Cards with last year's designs. I just love the wreath theme this year! You can see all the available Tags and Cards for purchase at my Christmas product page.

Now for the Giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below letting me know your favorite breed of dog (or cat). For every 20 valid entries in the comments section below, I'll choose a winner at random, up to 5 total winners. will be my number generator. I will choose the winners on Wednesday December 5 at 9pm (California time) and announce them on next Thursday's blog post - check back! If you win I'll need you to send me your mailing address so you can have yours in time for all those holiday parties coming up! I'll be choosing the image from my files based on your favorite breed - and if I don't have that breed in my files I'll ask you if you have a digital image available.

Spread the word, share the fun! The more people who enter means the more times I pull names. And more chances that YOUR name will be the one chosen!

Note: If you have trouble posting a comment below, you may enter via email using the "contact me" link at the top of the blog, using a subject line of "Gift Tag Giveaway"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Education Corner: Puppy Strangles

"Puppy Strangles" - it sounds like some weird psycho out stalking the pups, doesn't it? In fact, it is a not very uncommon medical condition that looks ugly yet is easy to treat. Juvenile cellulitis is it's proper name. As both names indicate, this condition is usually only found in puppies.

Over my 7 years of running San Diego Spaniel Rescue we had two cases come in, which provided my introduction to both the illness and the treatment. These two pups came into rescue via the shelter systems and were much too young to be away from their moms, let alone in a local shelter. The Strangles were obvious at this point - while there are earlier signs that a responsible breeder would have likely caught (and treated), these dogs had moved past those symptoms into full-blown cases of the condition. The Rescue vet recognized it right away - pus filled pockets covering the young ones' cheeks, lips and up close to the eyes. One of the most interesting facts that I learned was that the pus did not carry any infection - which meant home care was much easier during the recovery process for the foster parent!

Our vet told us that juvenile cellulitis is thought to be an immune-mediated disease. It is NOT caused by a lack of sanitary conditions at a breeder's home.

Best In Show Daily recently ran a great article on Puppy Strangles. That post has more information than I learned in my limited experience with the disease, including some of the very early signs that a responsible breeder might notice while the pup is still in his care. You can learn more by checking it out HERE.

I don't have photos of Potter when he had his Strangles, but you can see from this bio photo that he recovered perfecly well!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/27/2012: Breedz Wanted to Photograph (free photo sessions!)

BREEDZ WANTED for December 2012

If you have one of the following breeds and would like a complimentary session before December 10, 2012, please do contact me. Your dog might appear in a national magazine, on a greeting card or in a calendar! I'm currently looking for the following breeds:

  • Boxer

  • Whippet

  • Havana Silk

  • Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

  • and a special freebie session: kids and pets! Looking for children under age 10 and any breed of dog

  • Puppies, adults and seniors - I need them all! They must conform to breed standards, but they don't have to be show dogs; purebred-looking pets and rescues are available for this offer as well.

    Contact me to arrange your free private photo sitting. Shoot participants that are chosen for a national magazine will receive a copy of the issue they are published in. All participants will receive 20% off any prints they wish to order from the free session.

    Studio sessions will be held at my Santee studio and location candids are available at San Diego County area parks or beaches. If you are in the SD, CA area and have a great house/yard to photograph in, then I may be able to come to you for the shoot. I would also love to do "lifestyle" shots and include the owner, if you are up to it (playing, walking, everyday life with your dog). Does your dog do a job, sport or fun activity? That is a possible shoot, as well. I look forward to hearing from you!

    top photo: Boxer - CH Telstar's All That Gitters At Cinnibon
    Crystal is a GCH now and a Multiple BISS winner, too!

    bottom photo: Whippet - Kelly Wilson

    Monday, November 26, 2012

    Sneak Peeks: Camp Bow Wow 2012 Holiday Pet Photo Shoot

    It's been a l-o-n-g four (and then some) months of not feeling well, but look out pups 'cause I'm back in action! Are those tails I see wagging at the news? I appreciate all the emails in support while I was down for the count and am looking forward to seeing all the furries, and their parents, who are lined up to spend time with my camera.

    Easing back into the action included spending time with my friends at El Cajon Camp Bow Wow and raising some money for their Bow Wow Buddies Foundation. Tis the Season, and the Holiday set was ready for the action. Beautiful Flirt (Cocker Spaniel) had a special reason for striking her pose. She is a Therapy Dog now and wanted some special Holiday goodies to hand out on her December visits.

    Stoney (Irish Terrier) preferred to go with a classic look without the Holiday touches when he visited on set at Su-Et's Kennel in Santee, CA. Wednesday November 28th will be the last Holiday shoot before Christmas (there are a few spots left). And if the weather holds, there will be a Last Chance shoot with the Holiday theme between Christmas and New Year's for a "pet's first Christmas" if any new fur-kids join your home over the Holiday. Just use the "Contact Me" button at the top of the Blog to inquire about joining a shoot.

    Meanwhile, back on the show grounds, the Del Sur Kennel Club held their Fall Puppy Match on a beautiful sunny Sunday in El Cajon, CA. This little Pug shows that even puppies can float on air, when they are a natural for the show ring!

    Coming up next: the final Holiday shoot before Christmas, a trip up to Orange County to play with the dogs and some on-set time volunteering for English Springer Rescue America, Inc, one of my favorite rescue organizations!

    I hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks into my return to the pet photo studio (and the healthy life). Thanks for the visit - please hug your pet for me today!