Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Cockers Are Up To Something ...

Bennett the Cocker Spaniel puts on his reading glasses and studies for The Big Surprise Just before I turned the computer off last night, I looked over my shoulder and found Indie sound asleep (beauty sleep, I am sure) tuckered out from the day's duties of preparing for The Big Surprise. And Bennett, bookworm that he is, was still up, studying hard. I just had to capture a photo of his efforts to share!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Indie and Bennett - planning a Big Surprise!

Welcome back to the Blog. As many of you already know, Indie and Bennett are my own furkids, and they light up my life every single day. Although they are both adopted from a wonderful Rescue as puppies, they have "formal" names as well as their more familiar "call" names. Indie is Kodak's Canyonview Little Miss Independant and Bennett's big-boy name is Kodak's Canyonview The Best Is Yet To Come.

Indie and Bennett have been working undercover for many weeks now on a Big Surprise. They've been getting me up early, before the heat of the day, going to a Top Secret Location and putting their heads together with one of their Cocker Friends named Flirt (is it any surprise that she is a Parti, too?!). Flirt's parents, Peggy and Joe, have been put through their paces as well.

The Big Reveal is scheduled for August 3, 2012. And let me tell you, they are excited! And a little apprehensive - they want the news that day to be that their hard work has paid off. Stay tuned for more - and keep your paws crossed!

Let Indie and Bennett know through the comment section below - what do YOU think their Big Surprise is going to be?

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Indie (bottom photo) and Bennett (top photo) are modeling the July Beach set, celebrating the Dog Days of Summer. This is all done in studio - no sand in the fur or paws scorched by the hot pavement walking to the shore! The set is suitable for large dogs and other species too, so book your July Beach Session now. $35.00 for 15-30 minutes on set (whatever your pet needs to get comfortable and have fun!) and that includes a print credit that will pay for a 5x7 or it can be applied to other sizes, as well.

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Thanks for the visit - please hug your pet for me today!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Connecting with my Clients and Online Friends

Did you receive the July Newsletter in your email this morning? It's a wonderful way to sit back and "visit" with me online! This month's newsletter features a new product, announces the Christmas in July special sale, gives you a first look at the July Beach set in studio, talks about keeping your pets safe in the heat of the summer, announces the TWO July Facebook Give-a-way Winners and talks about behind-the-scenes improvements here at DogBreedz. Don't miss out on this valuable tool - and there are photos to enjoy (of course)! Check your spam folder and if you still don't see it - sign up here so future issues will come direct to your in-box:

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When I'm in a photo session with one of your pets, even a 15 minute mini-session, I feel a connection with your fur-kid. I work hard to "listen" to them not only to help them feel comfortable faster but also to get a feel for their unique personality and for what makes them who their are. It helps that I've had a knack for "talking" with the animals since I was a toddler (I count our Westie and our Cocker as being two of my sisters as I grew up and our cats taught me a lot about life!) and that I am certified in Animal Reiki Healing. These bring an extra "something" to my animal sessions and it shows!

But connecting with the PEOPLE that adore their pets - that is harder to do! With longer private sessions, I do have time to get to know the "two-leggers" but in a fundraising or 15-minute session, it has to be all about the pets in order to get that image you will fall in love with. Through my blog and my monthly newsletter I can give you ideas about who I am and how I work. Facebook is more of a two-way street (when it is working correctly and loading!) and has been a valuable resource - I love reading your pages and getting a glimpse of who you are!

I offer a new service to my pet parents, and there is no charge for it: in-person ordering sessions after your studio or on-location shoot. I knew it would be good for business but I LOVE that it gives me time to really connect with YOU! Now you can enjoy the photographic process as much as your pet enjoyed his time with me on set! In about an hour of time, at a local coffee shop or even in your own living room, we meet and this is YOUR time. You are in charge and I sit back and listen. Yes, it's about looking at your proofs and showing you samples of products and photo finishes as you ask your questions, but it's also about listening to your stories about your pets and really getting to know YOU. I so have enjoyed the sessions I've had and I'm looking forward to more! If you enjoy the ease of just ordering online, in your pajamas at 1 am, don't worry: online ordering is not going away - but I am here for you if you have any questions.

Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter - it shows up no more than once a month in your inbox and if you have anything in particular YOU would like to know about me or or have a special product you wish you could find for your favorite images - just let me know! Thank you for reading, and please - hug your pet for me today!
Top Photo: Indie my Cocker Spaniel receives Animal Reiki in a training class
Bottom Photo: Bisuit Cromelin the Boston Terrier loves the camera
while at a fundraiser hosted by Yorba Regional Animal Hospital