Thursday, August 2, 2012

Indie gets ready for The Big Surprise

Indie shows how she is preparing for The Big Surprise. She is certain that her favorite collar and looking good is the key! In my last blog post, we saw how Bennett chose to prepare.

Are these two Cockers really getting ready for the same event?!

Indie: it's all about how you look!
Bennett: no it's not, Indie! It's about what you know!
Indie: and about how you look.
Bennett: no.
Indie: uh-HUH! Look right here: #3 - Appearance and Grooming!
Bennett: (rolls his eyes) that's not what that means, Silly!
Indie: then why do they say it, if it's not what it means?
Bennett: (big sigh) OK, Indie, whatever you say ...
Indie: See - I told you!
Bennett: SQUIRREL!
Indie the Cocker Spaniel puts curlers in her hair and chooses which collar to wearSpecial thanks to Classy Critter Collars for Indie's wonderful wardrobe!