Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ups 'N Downs Agility Club at Skydance Ranch

This is Kora. Kora's human mom hosted a shoot in her beautiful back yard last month that featured the Chinook breed. What fun that afternoon - wonderful dogs and some new friends! It turns out that Kora is in Intermediate Agility Class at Ups 'N Downs Agility Club. When Kora (and her mom) found out that I was searching for opportunities to improve my agility photography, she arranged for me to join in and watch a class this week. It was an easy drive to Oceanside and Skydance Ranch, home to the classes, is an awesome destination! While the evening light was disappearing too quickly for me take any decent photos, I did get a feel for the class and met the Club's VP. I can't say enough nice things about this organization from what I saw that night. I am lucky enough to now be invited to do my practicing at any training, fun trial or competition trial they host. THANK YOU Ups 'N Downs! I hope to improve my agility shots enough to provide you with some great shots soon! In the meantime, here is an unknown Bearded Collie - one of my successful shots from a Trial in Rohr Park, Bonita, CA last year. I can't wait to nail the moments like this consistently!

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