Friday, August 9, 2013

It's a Balancing Act

I would love to hear from YOU! Especially my Photographer Friends. I need to hear how YOU do it. How do you balance the "must do's" in your life? How do you rock two jobs and still get a good night's sleep to boot?

Customer Service is a priority for me. It's a pet peeve of mine when CS falls short. And lately I am my own pet peeve - ouch! I have not been rockin' it in that department. Knocking it out of the ballpark is my goal. This summer I've been hardly connecting in a good solid bunt. I know the heat has something to do with it (last summer's hot hot temperatures affected me to the point that I was barely functioning for about 4 months, so I was ready this year with diet, supplements, and not overdoing my schedule). The only thing left under my control is time management.

I've done a couple of things different already: my non-essential shoots have been skipped (if I'm hired, I'm there ... but my fun or freelance shoots are skipped if I'm not finished editing my paid/booked gigs). I am taking a day off now and then to just play with friends - mental health days and showing people in my life how much I value them go a long way to making me more productive at work!

Talk to me, Blog Peeps - let me know I'm not alone and allow me to gain insight, inspiration and tools from YOUR experiences - I thank you!

(pictured above: Dixie Hurley, Beagle)

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