Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Picking up where I left off ...

It's been way too long since I've been doing regular shoots! Just when it looked like my Spa schedule was lightening and allowing me back to the studio and traveling to shows in Jan 2015, Fate stepped in and plans changed. One of my favorite people, the owner of my Spa, spent most of 2015 in and out of the hospital, at some points fighting for her life. I promised her that no matter what, she would have a viable business to return to when she moved past this struggle. 12-14 hour days keeping her business on track didn't leave me any time for playing with the pups in front of the camera!

I am beyond thrilled to say that she is back with us at work and getting stronger every day. And I am finally able to open the studio to regular shoots and regularly scheduled mini-shoots. Look to the right on this blog for upcoming times and let's meet on the set!

Sharbelle Mischief Under The Willows (call name Casey), Toy Poodle Puppy;
owned by Kate & Dennis Wilkins; bred by Sharon & Ray Stevens

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