Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 2011 - English Springer Spaniels and so much more

May is off to a rollicking start - a weekend full of dogs is my idea of a perfect one! The last day of April found me in Walnut CA at the Brookside Equestrian Center: the site of the Gateway Cities English Springer Spaniel Association Specialty. English Springer Rescue America had a large fundraising booth, and I was invited back to hold a portrait shoot fundraiser. During the morning I sat ring-side for some candids of beautiful Springers. This is Westshore's Iron Man, owned by Laurie Pedreira. Photos will be up in my Dog Show album when finished early next week.

On Sunday I headed out to Chino for the Lake Matthews Kennel Club all-breed show. I spent time this day with the English Setters, Clumber Spaniels, Finnish Lapphunds, Sloughi, Bouvier Des Flandres, Afghan Hounds, Scottish Terriers, Lhasa Apsos and Samoyeds. A very special time was spent with one Samoyed in particular - I'll keep that as a teaser until I have her photos finished (now you have to check back next week)! The ringside candids from this show will also be in the Dog Show album on my photo viewing site. Here's a look at Bouvier Des Flandres GCH Bon Idee's Great Expectations (call name Garrison) after he was done in the ring. Garrison loved the wind in his face, taking in all the smells around him! His mom Pilar Kuhn took time out of her day to introduce me to the breed. I'm looking forward to spending more time with both of them in the future.

My final Easter shoot is finished processing and viewable in its public gallery at my photo site. Again, I have to give a shout out to Su-Et's Kennel for providing the location for this free photo day. Even Ivan the Kennel Kitty was ready to give me some more poses featuring his handsome mug!

Photos from The Hound Classic in Silverado have been pushed to the back of the queue for processing ... the paid shoots and breeds requesting my presence ring-side at shows are taking precedence over this one. I'll be sure to post when those are finished. Until then, enjoy Afghan Hound Kamy Rohd of Mountain Top One, owned by Kiyoshi Yamagami, seen here showing in the Group Sweepstakes.

On April 28th I was honored to receive a GCU All-Star Award. The nice folks at Greeting Card Universe are bestowing the fun stars on artists that actively promote themselves and work to contribute to the GCU Community. Thank you for including me in the inaugral offering, GCU - and a huge congrats to fellow card artists Bright, Doreen, Cindy, Elizabeth, Judy, Tora, Robin, Janet Lee, Maryann, Moonie, Roseanne, and Sun at Night who also received their Star that day! I enjoy creating greeting cards for my GCU storefront and have fun seeing what states and countries my creations get sent to.

One of the behind-the-scenes bonuses at GCU is the artist community. The helpfulness shared and e-friends made thru the Forum goes a long way to fostering that community. One of the most fun "challenges" was put out on the Forum by Tom Rent whose shop Comical Captions is chock full of hilarious cards. An artist donates an image to the community pool, and anyone who wants can use that image to create a card for sale in their own shop. I had a fun-loving Doberman visit me on set in Ohio last summer and I wanted to see what the other artists would come up with. They had a blast with this dog and their resulting cards are definitely a hoot! Take a look and see what YOU think:

My fellow artists had so much fun with the Doberman Pinscher, I just had to toss another image into the mix. This raccoon was visiting at the bird feeder one morning in Tacoma ...

While I was at the Lake Matthews show on Sunday I picked up the April 29 issue of Dog News. As I flipped to page 34 to check out the Bests of the Week, I saw some familiar names - wonderful show dogs that I have had the opportunity to photograph. Congratulations to English Setter GCH Oakley's B'Dazzled (seen here handled by Bruce Schultz at Lake Matthews Kennel Club Show and owned by Donald & Georgean Jensen and Erik & Jennifer Strickland. #1 English Setter*) and to Harrier CH Downhome Hitech Innovator (at the Del Sur Kennel Club Show, owned by Joe Sanchez #3 Harrier*) - way to go!

*as of March 31/Show Systems & Canine Chronicle

Thank you to Mary Ann Nolan, for enjoying my greeting card site enough to mention it on her artist blog. Mary Ann is another GCU All-Star and is does a great job of promoting her fellow artists. I hope you'll take time to check out her shops, as well! I just love this Welcome Home card of hers!

Two fellow artist friends have given me the best gifts of all - original artwork featuring my own Indie and Bennett! Polly Bennett of Polly's Portraits was moved by photos of both my fur-kids and sent me her wonderful watercolors. I haven't been able to take a good photo of Bennett's artwork, but here is fabulous image of her rendition of Indie.

And Ann Kallal of Maggie Ross Dogs endured my pestering for a few years to add an American Cocker to her "kennel" of artwork breeds. My 2009 valentine portrait of Indie caught her eye and my nagging came to an end. I'm pleased to say that Indie's image graces many gift items and clothing choices at Ann's shop - am I'm thrilled to have her work on canvas in my collection.

Thank you, Polly and Ann - I treasure these works of art and appreciate your gifts so VERY much. You are two talented ladies!

Coming up: May 7 & 8 - Ringside Candids at Rio Hondo Kennel Club in Pomona, CA; May 21 & 22 - Ringside Candids at Mt. Palomar Kennel Club in Valley Center CA; May 26 - Ringside Candids at West Coast Cocker Spaniel Specialty Show in Pomona, CA; May 27 & 28 - Ringside Candids at the Mission Circuit in Pomona, CA. Contact me if you would like me to capture your dog showing in the ring or for a private photo shoot. The full shooting schedule can be seen on my main website. See you at the shows!


  1. What lovely photos, Peggy! And I like how the wind makes for some unusually interesting shots. Thank you for sharing them.

    I didn't know about the Artists' Challenge on the forum so thank you for writing about that too. I'll be looking into it!

  2. Peggy...better late than never! I wanted to thank you again for offering your adorable Doberman photo for us to create cards with and for showing our silly collection of cards!