Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fidose Of Reality Holiday Photo Contest

"It’s that time of year. Turkeys and Christmas trees, silver and gold, falling snow and presents galore.

And time for the first annual Fidose of Reality holiday photo contest for prizes and blog fame!!!"

Okay, I love this Fidose blog and the people behind it, so I'll ignore my pet peeve of "first annual" (grrr ...) and get right into the good stuff ... a Holiday Pet Photo contest!

I've helped a number of pet parents get super Holiday images of their dogs and cats and I want to help you enter the contest this year. If you have a favorite image from the DogBreedz.net files from ANY YEAR that you would like entered, just let me know. I'll get you the proper resolution digital (no charge) and include a copyright release allowing you to enter the contest. Deadline to submit entries is 12/21/11 at 11:59 p.m. EST so get those requests into me NOW!

Happy Howlidays!
(photos in this post: TOP - Henry the Vizsla; BOTTOM - Holly the Border Collie)


  1. thanks for sharing this. I have to ask --- what did I do wrong with first annual? LOL This is the first in an annual contest ;)

  2. LOL, Carol! It's all a grammatical thing. "Annual" means recurring once a year. The first isn't an annual, since it hasn't happened yet. : )- This ranks right up there for me with "Re-grand Opening" signs ... yep, I'm a word nerd!

    And I'm GLAD to share - your work and your energy amazes me. Thank you for loving the pets - and especially the Cockers!