Thursday, December 8, 2011

Meet The Breed: Dalmatian

The true origin of the Dalmatian is unknown, although it is believed to have originated in India. Paintings and figures of spotted dogs have been found in ruins as old as 5,000 years - and the Dalmatian is the only spotted breed of dog. Numerous written references to spotted dogs occur throughout history. The modern Dalmatian was developed in Great Britain. While some Dalmatians were used for hunting, the breed’s primary purpose was as a coach dog. Coach dogs were there to guard the passengers and property in the coach. Because of their affinity for horses, it was natural for the Dalmatian to follow horse-drawn fire engines. Many fire departments are still graced by a Dalmatian mascot who guards the firehouse and helps educate children about fire safety. Dalmatians have been in this country since its founding, with George Washington being the most well known early breeder.

The Dal is a highly energetic, fun-loving breed, requiring regular interaction to work both the body and the brain. Devoted family dogs, they are well-suited for active homes with children. Although short, their coat sheds almost year-round, but regular brushing will help lessen the shedding around the home. Dalmations are recognized in two varieties: black and liver and Dal puppies are born without their spots. And for a little trivia ... the Dalmatian is also known as the English Coach Dog, the Carriage Dog, the Plum Pudding Dog, and the Spotted Dick.

The Dalmatian is AKC recognized (since 1888) and is a member of the Non-Sporting group.
The Dalmatian is UKC recognized (since 1914) and is a member of the Companion Dog group.
Dalmatian Club of America, Inc. is the official Parent Breed Club for the Dalmatian in the USA.

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